Macaroons, Chocolate & Drips cake

Macaroons, Chocolate & Drips cake

3 or 4-layer sponge cake with silky chocolate ganache filling or smooth buttercream.

Available with vanilla buttercream decoration, chocolate drips (white, milk, dark, caramel or pink chocolate or caramel), macaroons on top and chocolate sprinkles.

**Each layer cake is unique. The picture is an example and is not 100% replicable as garnitures may vary**

Different colors available.

Available for a minimum of 6 persons.

For 6p - 77eur
For 10p - 96eur
For 15p - 133eur
For 20p (1 etage) - 170eur
For 20p (2 etages) - 180eur
For 25p (2 etages) - 212.50eur

then 8.5eur/pp


note: the price include an edible message,name and/or age.

+ 0.9eur/pp for a VEGAN version (limited choice of flavors: vanilla & chocolate or chocolate-chocolate)

+ 0.9eur/pp for a GLUTEN FREE version

Allergens : Wheat, Milk, Eggs, Nuts

Choose the color

Choose the flavour

Delivery details

Pick up at our kitchen in Helmsange.

Tips for use and conservation

Store in the refrigerator away from light and odors (ideally in its original box). Keeps well for 3-4 days. Leave at room temperature for 30-45 minutes before eating.

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