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Layer cakes

Our layer cakes taste delicious and look beautiful! Composed of soft sponge cake and a silky cream in several layers, they can be embellished with fruity touches and/or caramelised fruit.

Our range is made up of delicious recipes suitable for children or for more discerning grown-up tastes.

We will suggest customised decorations to suit your requirements and the theme of your celebration (butter cream or sugar paste decoration, fresh or hand-made flowers, characters modelled in sugar paste, silk ribbons etc.)


Chocolate marble cake

Moist chocolate marble sponge cake filled with chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache

Chocolate cake

Moist chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate Buttercream (can be replaced by Chocolate Ganache)

Vanilla and Strawberry cake

Moist vanilla sponge cake filled with strawberry buttercream


Lemon and Almond cake

Moist lemon sponge cake filled with lemon buttercream and lemon curd (possibility to add caramelized almonds)

Strawberry and Pistachio cake

Moist vanilla sponge cake filled with pistachio buttercream and strawberry coulis (possibility to add caramelized pistachios)

Almond and Raspberry cake

Moist Almond sponge cake filled with raspberry buttercream and raspberry coulis (possibility to add caramelized almonds)


Hazelnut cake

Moist Hazelnut cake filled with praliné buttercream*, pure praliné paste and caramelized hazelnuts (*possibility to reolace the buttercream by a milk chocolate ganache)

Caramel and Pecan White chocolate cake

Moist vanilla sponge cake filled with salted caramel, vanilla and white chocolate buttercream* and caramelized pecan nuts (*possibility to reolace the buttercream by a white chocolate ganache)

Coffee and Almond cake

Moist vanilla sponge cake filled with Coffee Buttercream and Caramelized almonds


You can personalise your layer cake with different flavours, add fruit coulis to serve on the side etc. Please specify the details in your order form so that we can let you have a quote.

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